Youtubers Losing Out?

//Youtubers Losing Out?

Youtubers Losing Out?

Various internet sources have been mentioning a troubling change in how Youtube (owned by Google) seems to be handling any videos related to firearms.  As early as April these videos are being flagged as restricted material, deeming them somehow ‘inappropriate,’ which for whatever reason means that all of the ads have been removed from them and that they are no longer able to make any money off of these channels.

If this is a deliberate change in Youtube’s policies it is likely to have a major impact on many of these channels as they have come to rely on Youtube as a source of income to help cover the cost of recording and editing, as well as for covering the costs of product reviews.

Adding to this frustration, there does not appear to be any official word from Youtube regarding the change and thus far they have not responded to any questions related to the matter.  Could all of this somehow been a mistake or are they trying to quietly close the door on every online gun enthusiast?

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