It is Ok to say goodbye

//It is Ok to say goodbye

It is Ok to say goodbye


I realize this is only our 3rd newsletter and in the past we talked about our Outdoor Wisconsin segment and the marriage proposal.  This one is going to be a little different but I hope it reveals a little more about who we really are.

Last month I lost my mother after 97 wonderful years together.  Some people feel that the entire funeral process is one of sadness and grieving.  Now I agree some grieving is important, but in this case it was more of a celebration of her life.  It was such an honor and delight to have her with us for all those wonderful years!

Up until about a year ago she still lived on her own and thoroughly enjoyed her home and family who were there faithfully to help out or just visit.  The last year was somewhat more difficult living in an assisted living home, but even at 96 (if not the oldest a close second) she was out there helping people find their way around or just giving them someone to talk to.  The thing is, that is the way she was her entire life, she loved people and people loved her.  As you can guess she was a great role model and mentor even though she did not know she was doing that.

I recently read that 89% of what we learn is visual, 10% thru listening and 1% by all other senses.  So for 97 years she showed us how to live and love life.  In my previous profession I worked with a group of partners that did not share the same core values that I have and it was a very uncomfortable journey.  I believe now that Mom helped shape those core values by example, all we had to do is watch.

Now that we have our own business, we get a chance to share those values with you, our team members, our guests and our faithful members. I like to think that it was Mom’s spirit (Dad’s too) that helped us develop the family atmosphere here at the Range.  We are all thankful to have this opportunity and I really believe that it starts with a good strong basis and grows by sharing the spirit.  So I am truly blessed to have had such a great mother and teacher and as much as I will miss her… it is OK to say goodbye.

Dolores and Ozzie Babiasz owned and operated “Ozzies’s Bar” for over 45 years and believe it or not we actually have had guests here at the Range that knew Mom and Dad and remember the good times they had with them.

Shoot straight and be safe,
Jim Babiasz, President
The Range of Richfield

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