Is It Yes Or Is It No?

//Is It Yes Or Is It No?

Is It Yes Or Is It No?


 Ok, we have seen some wild and crazy things here at the Range, but recently I think this one tops them all.  Picture this, a telephone call to set up a shooting event on a Saturday afternoon with 16 of their relatives and closes friends.  Nothing out of the ordinary, we have helped plan plenty of corporate and personal parties and events, but this one is special.
Once the time and date is set an unusual question pops up, “do you have a specific size that targets must be?”  Yes, we responded, 24′ X 36″ is the size we prefer and they thanked us for the information and we booked the event.  A couple of days prior to  the party, another phone call letting us know that someone will be dropping off a “special target” to be used that Saturday and that this target will be needed about half way thru the party, which we agreed to switch out.
After about 30 minutes the couple left the lanes to look at some different guns. That is when the target was switched.  When they returned the young lady picked up her gun and was getting ready to shoot, when the young man whispered in her ear “will you marry me”.  At the same time we turned the target around and there were two bullseyes one with a big yes and the other with a big no.  She had to respond by shooting the target that best displayed her answer.  Well she was just a little nervous but she did manage to get the majority of the bullet holes in the yes bulls eye.  He then dropped to his knee and asked her one more time and gave her the ring.
Everyone in the place was watching and cheering and I would not doubt there may have been a couple tears of joy.  After the shooting we were able to get a picture of the bride and groom holding their target.  I only wish I would have included in that picture the father of the “would-be” bride holding one of our shotguns with the happy couple.
Shoot straight and be safe,
Jim Babiasz,  President
The Range of Richfield

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