Wisconsin DOJ Concealed Carry License Class

//Wisconsin DOJ Concealed Carry License Class
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Tuesday, November 14, 2017                  6pm-10pm

Wisconsin Concealed Carry Licenses are honored in the following States:

(1) Alabama, (2) Alaska, (3) Arizona, (4) Arkansas, (5) Colorado, (6) Georgia, (7) Idaho, (8) Indiana, (9) Iowa, (10) Kansas, (11) Kentucky, (12) Louisiana, (13) Michigan, (14) Mississippi, (15) Missouri, (16) Montana, (17) Nebraska, (18) Nevada, (19) North Carolina, (20) North Dakota, (21) Ohio, (22) Oklahoma, (23) Pennsylvania, (24) South Dakota, (25) Tennessee, (26) Utah, (27) Vermont, (28) Virginia, (29) Wisconsin, (30) Wyoming

The Range of Richfield is now providing the Wisconsin Department of Justice Firearms Safety Course for Wisconsin Residents.  This four hour course meets the requirements to obtain your Wisconsin Concealed Carry License.  Classroom topics that are covered are:

  • Firearms Safety Rules
  • The safe handling, transportation and storage of firearms and ammunition
  • The safe loading and unloading of handguns
  • The use of deadly force under Wisconsin State Law
  • Techniques for avoiding and controlling violent confrontations

David Maglio is a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran and retired Deputy Sheriff with a total of 30 years law enforcement experience.  David is a Senior Staff Instructor for the Massad Ayoob Group (www.massadayoobgroup.com), a Certified Firearms Instructor for the Wisconsin DOJ and the NRA, a 5 Gun Master as well as a State and Regional Champion for the International Defensive Pistol Association (www.idpa.org).  David brings over 4 decades of experience as a shooter and over 24 years experience as a Firearms Instructor.

Tuition: $65.00   SPECIAL PRICE: $50.00

Instructor: David Maglio

Class Size: 38