Meeting Your AR-15

//Meeting Your AR-15
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Date:                       Saturday, November 25th

Time:                      1:00 to 6:00 pm

Tuition:                   $125.00   THANKSGIVING SPECIAL $99

Class Size:               12

Instructor:              David Maglio

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This entry level course on the AR-15 Rifle/Carbine platform weapon system includes disassembly, cleaning, proper lubrication, loading and unloading procedures, zeroing, mechanical off set and several shooting exercises. Approximately 2 hours will be spent in the classroom and the remainder will be on the range. An AR-15 Rifle/Carbine, 3 magazines, 200 rounds of practice ammunition, a brimmed cap, eye protection and ear protection will be needed by each student. Limit of twelve (12) students.

Instructor:  David Maglio is a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran and retired Deputy Sheriff with a total of 30 years law enforcement experience.  David is a Senior Staff Instructor for the Massad Ayoob Group, a Certified Firearms Instructor for the Wisconsin DOJ and the NRA, a 5 Gun Master as well as a State and Regional Champion for the International Defensive Pistol Association.  David brings over 4 decades of experience as a shooter and over 24 years experience as a Firearms Instructor.